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   Jiangsu danyang port food machinery co., LTD,Specializing in the production of seriesRice mill、Polishing machine、Go stone machine, etcFood machineryProducts。According to the market needs,Company through the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad,Become the current domestic large specializing in the productionFood machinery manufacturers......More and more
The phone:0511-86612762
Address:Jiangsu danyang Jiang Shu town huning312National highway(210Km is the factory gate)
Danyang port, grain machinery co., LTD is one of the important production base of domestic food machinery。Enterprise main products are rice processing complete sets of equipment 、Rice mill、Rice polishing machine、Go to the stone machine、White rice grading sieve grain machinery, etc。Product quality is reliable,Superior performance,Is China food industry association recommended products。The company mainly produces nissan15Tons、35-40Tons、50-60Tons、80Tons、100-120Tons、200Tons of series complete set of rice mill and all kinds of single machine。The company has advanced equipment,Strong technical force,Perfect management system,Good after-sales service,Flexible ways of sales,Food machinery products have been exported to southeast Asia、Africa、South America and other regions。Company efforts to constantly meet new user requirements。
CTMComplete set of rice mill type is chosen at the beginning of the performance of the cylinder screen、Vibrating screen、Go to the stone machine、Rice huller rubber roller、Gravity paddy screen、Sand、Iron roller spray wind meter machine、Rice grading sieve,And highly efficient of the bucket elevator and electric control cabinet and other combination of complete sets of rice milling equipment.Qing from rice、Rice milling and rough separation、Rice milling until rice sorting process,Are conducted automatically and continuously。
Rice mill has the following characteristics:
The main rig for motor drive alone,And electrical control cabinet control respectively.
Hoist the bottomless struggle,High efficiency,The crushing is low.
Finishing using electrostatic coating process,Appearance bright and clean and beautiful,Not easy to fade.
Material chute pipeline in glass,Both beautiful and durable
Dust removal by high reverse blowing bag dust collector,No leakage of dust,To meet the environmental requirements.
The host device for the current domestic famous quality products.
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